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The guys on the beach

After rehab, start back to living life in a sober living house!

Unfettered by substances, we evolve into the person we always wanted to be.

Our mission is to provide exceptional sober living for recovery defined not only by physical sobriety but also by an improved quality of life. Here every man that crosses our threshold is offered the opportunity to create a new recovery lifestyle that supports his long-term health. 



Live within biking distance of the town of Clinton and Clinton Town Beach. 

Why We're Different:
Family Resources

We're able to connect families to their own services. We understand first hand how addiction can derail a family and how hard it is to regain a sense of normalcy. 

Sober House for Men
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we are in the middle of an active recovery community

Why We're Different:
Making Connections
  • Simple structure-share meals and in-house workshops to bring the sober house together.

  • Over 75 12-step meetings within a 15 minute drive, some just a mile away. 

  • Weekends-have some fun! Join the sober activity at RPM.  

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Right Path  by the numbers every week



We want to hear your story.

Why We're Different:
Design Your Program of Wellness
  • Free membership at Coastal Fitness 

  • Nearby masters and doctoral level clinical services

  • Easy bike to the town beach or Hammonasett Beach State Park. 

  • IOP and individual therapists within walking distance​ or ask about our transportation service

  • Bikes, kayaks available

Sober House dining room table with books
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Finding a sense of purpose

Come back to life, and adjust to our house. Then, make a life!
Create a schedule for a 30- 40 hour "work" week that prioritizes recovery. Schedules include work, school or volunteer hours, time for IOP, mental health appointments, gym, 12-step meetings, dedicated time with sponsor, weekend fun, etc.

9 - 15 hours

We partner with three highly skilled  IOP clinical services

Shared dinners

Life skills time! We take turns cooking!

2 coaches

At your side through the beginning of your recovery

1 full-service gym

Gym membership with sauna, workout!

6 bedrooms at Elmwood, 

Private occupancy rooms with plenty of space. Shared baths.

4 bikes and 3 kayaks

Get fit, get there

Why We're Different:
For Those Who Struggle Repeatedly, Add Neurofeedback or EMDR to Clinical Work
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We partner with Gray Matters of Westport. Please learn more about how it works.  



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