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Sober Living can be much more than counting days

Sober life is about sober living! While a number may help define our recovery, experience teaches us two things. First that sober life has to evolve, we have to grow. Engaging and evolving opens the way into long term recovery. That's why we say that we need to create a new life before the old comes back for us. And, second, that we need to heal the pain inside us that lead us to drink or do drugs in the first place. Among coping skills for life, substance use absolutely defeats us, it doesn't help us solve problems.


  • peer-driven weekend activities

  • ample work opportunities with in-house coaching support

  • gym or yoga studio memberships

  • vast 12-step community

  • top-tier professionals for clinical and medical assistance

  • over 200 meetings each week within 15 minutes

Sober Living by the Beach.jpg

Getting Around

You may bring your car. If you do not have a car, you may use Uber, the bus, walk or take a ride with one of the house bicycles. Town, IOP, private clinicians, grocery store and meetings are within two miles. Most of the time, one of house members is traveling in the direction you are going and will give you a ride. For those who may want the ease, we offer a ride plan.  

The Steps
Image by natsuki

We live on the Connecticut coast with many activities. 

Getting physical is a great way to relieve stress, distract yourself from circular thinking, build healthy habits and re-orient your mind.

Getting physically active and eating right literally results in feeling the natural rewards of dopamine while also charging up your self-awareness and empowerment.

The rewards of connection and friendship are a natural result of many facets of our house, but especially the ones involving those fun, physical activities that we take turns planning. 



Extensive hiking trails are a short drive away. Hammonasett, Chatfield Hollow, Gillette Castle, Chatfinch Island, Guilford Trails, and Westwoods.

Equine Therapy

Westbrook Hunt and Sunset Stables.

We travel 4 miles to participate in equine ground work (included). Some of our residents take riding lessons at their cost. Lessons are for every level from beginner to nationally ranked hunters, jumpers and equation riders. We also make a day of it and go to Sunset Stable in Lincoln, RI.

Kayaking Recovery Living in Connecticut_


Our area has many rivers for kayaking. We have three available and can provide transportation to and from two nearby rivers.

At the Top


Farmington River or Attatash Mountain

Image by Jordan Steranka

Ferry Boat Rides 

Leave from Bridgeport and go to Port Jeff or leave from New London and go to Orient Point or Block Island


Museums, Aquariums and Scavenger Hunts

We live where history was made and culture flourishes. Here are our area's museums, scavenger hunts and aquariums: New Haven Scavenger HuntMystic Aquarium, Mark Twain House, Florence Griswold, The Wadsworth, 

Custom Sailing Design

Boat Rides

There are several sailing excursions from the Connecticut River and our very own, Madcap Racing Team (Wednesday Nights),

Man and his paintball sport team in protective uniform at paintball shooting range.jpg

Paint Ball

Mystic (Fields of Fire) and more

Playing Golf

Golf or  Mini Golf

Driving range and lessons are nearby.

Our mini golf is on the water in Old Saybrook.

Biking on the beach trails with sober fr


Bikes are available at the house to all residents. Grocery and gym are an easy 2-mile bike from the house. 

the labyrynth.jpg

The Search for labyrinths.

Hammonasett hosts a labyrinth. We especially like the hunt to find more labyrinths to walk / pray like Ridgefield's Garden of Ideas

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