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Why Right Path

Sober Living?

We're suitable for those who are ready to gain the depth of recovery while living life, getting back to work, spending time with friends and family while developing a recovery routine. Surrounded by a community of like-minded men, we believe recovery is exciting! Our hope is that your life becomes full of laughter, compassion, meaning, responsibilities, challenges and you are able to begin living a fully present life. 



After rehab, in-home care, and/or extended care, we believe that for many, Sober Living is the next logical step toward recovery life. From SAMHSA research, we offer the four pillars of recovery: (1) community (structure is designed to engage with on-site community/ off-site recovery community/life skill support for harmonious living,) (2) referrals to mental and physical wellness; including membership at the gym or yoga studio, an emphasis on whole food in shared evening meals, and professional therapy delivered from the surrounding community, (3) finding purpose in work or school with supportive consultations, and (4) re-integrating into a modified family dynamic or a safe, new home with a routine. It is important to note that we are not a medical facility . We welcome those with a treatment history who are ready to take action to ensure their long-time recovery.

Madison Connecticut Sober Living

House Services

  • 12-Step workshops 

  • Recovery Coaching

  • Yoga/Gym Studio Membership

  • Case Management

  • Employment support 

  • Education support

  • Sober Escort and Transportation (available at cost)

  • Coordinated Recreation (available at cost)

  • Equine and Art Experiences (included)

  • All professional clinical services are delivered in the community

UA at the sober house

Test Services

  • We screen using both a 14-panel with temperature including 72 hour ETG and breathylizing.

  • We also engage a lab (insurance covers it). 

Women's sober living


Bikes are available, free of charge. Please supply your own helmet. You can get to anywhere you need to go like the grocery, Clinton Crossing or the beach. We also can give bike riders a lift to trails. 

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Financial Aid

Please apply for financial aid here. 


1) Please fill the Application for Financial Aid and hit "Apply"

2) Please fill in the Current Resources and hit "Submit"

3) Please write a narrative as to how you came to be ready for funding for sober living and email it to ""

Comfortable workplace, Office desk with blank screen laptop and clock, plant, Nature light


We can complete an intake over the phone. 203-339-1191. Before you arrive, we would like to hear from you about what you hope to gain from sober living, let you know what to bring, give you an over view of an average week and our simple guidelines for harmony. We will set up your clinical plan prior to your arrival.

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Who We Serve

We serve graduates of 30, 60 or 90 day programs. They enter our program able to live independently and harmoniously in a community sober living. We welcome women with varied treatment history, with co-occurring PTSD, depression and anxiety. We're not a clinical program but we're affiliated with Project Courage, Recovery Services, Mountainside, High Watch and Turnbridge IOP for clinical support. Within the first two weeks, we expect our clients to be in IOP, working or job hunting or in class. We have that rare blend between structure and freedom with the right amount of programming.


How Peer-Driven Recreation Works

Let's face it- the Connecticut coast will surprise you with how much there is to do! Every week one house member chooses our recreational activity. Some of the activities do coat a little extra, but most are free, like biking and hiking! We invite you every weekend but understand family or work constraints. We're a vacation spot and in the middle of a natural treasure. There's already too much to list, while our house members are often busy coming up with new ones. 

Round Library


Right Path is surrounded by educational institutions within thirty minutes driving time or on the train line (35 minutes). Here are some links to the most commonly attended schools in our area: Free high school available for those under 21.

  • Southern Connecticut State University

  • Yale University

  • Gateway Community College

  • Fusion Academy

  • Three Oaks Community College

  • Albertus Magnus

  • University of New Haven

  • Middlesex Community College

Travel Photographer

What to Bring

Please bring: clothes for one week, including both work and workout clothes, and laundry basket/detergent. Sports equipment. Your resume. A week's worth of breakfast and lunch groceries and dinner for 7 for the one night that you'll cook (otherwise, your dinner is provided.) Use our linens/towels or bring your own. According to the individual situation, you may bring electronics - including laptops (house laptop available for zoom and job hunting only) All personal hygiene items should be alcohol free. No candles, alcohol-based toiletries or aerosols permitted.  

Horses can Help

How Equine Works

We travel to the horse farm on Saturdays to groom and bond with the horses. We don't ride, we do what is know as "ground" work. You'll learn what the horse thinks about our visits. The horse is unencumbered by ego. He doesn't play games or power trips. He just wants to know if he can trust you.  

Lessons and trail riding are also available at cost.

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How Share Dinners Work

Every evening we gather for a family-like dinner that one of us prepares with love and care. We ask that dishes be from whole fresh food, not pre-packaged or store-prepared. We ask that main dishes not be pasta based as this simply mimics our addiction in our brain. If you have dietary restrictions, we try to handle them like a family would and make accommodations. We take turns cooking every night so that over all, it actually reduces your food budget. Please also note that residents who have work or therapy may miss dinner but we'll save you a plate to heat up later.. 

House Services
Who We Serve
Vegetable Picking

what makes us different

  1. We insist that clients participate in therapy throughout their stay with us. We have a dedicated computer and space for telehealth or nearby highly qualified therapists/IOP/trauma specialists/neurofeedback. 

  2. We provide strong initial case management, but strive to teach self-care with weekly check-ins.

  3. We believe that work builds self-esteem. We allow for part-time work while completing an IOP (if you haven't already.)  Work is abundant is our area. 

  4. Our gentle structure is conducive to creating community. The structure of the house's program of workshops, weekend fun and shared meals lends itself to an almost immediate sense of purpose and belonging.

  5. We're available by phone for consult.

  6. We love equine ground work. It teaches more than natural horsemanship.

  7. We, as recovery coaches, are careful as leaders of our community to consciously emulate sober behaviors.

  8. Ride packages are available. Sober escort from the airport or to the weekly grocery store is available.

  9. If your client is without a car, our area begs for biking. We have bikes available. There are Ubers from our door and public transportation one mile away. 

  10. We have a dog and cat and (unfortunately) only allow your pets for day visits.

  11. In-house we offer 3 hours per week of 12 step workshops and /or meetings and require another 5 hours of "outside" community 12-step meetings. 

  12. We require that families obtain a family therapist before the client transitions into their home and that a healthy family milieu is established prior to the move back. 

  13. We include a gym membership.

  14. We strive to help our men establish a weekly recovery routine and have weekly "report card" review.

  15. We understand the slight fragility in your client's smile when they step out of the car to say hello for the first time. We want you to know right now that we are dedicated and excited to support them. We understand how to hold clients accountable with gentleness. We are patient ambivalence, and that the quality of their recovery is ultimately their decision. And we never forget that most days, they just need to be loved.

Note to Referring Professionals
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Life's a Journey,
Find Your Right Path

More than our name, Right Path is our inspiration. We believe that everyone needs to find and follow their own right path. And if you ever wonder whether you're on your right path, you'll find that you are making small but mighty choices that positively impact your life. After rehab or extended care, we offer you a chance to place one foot in front of the other, find your balance and health in recovery as you meet your life.


If you're coming to stay with us, get ready. We support you as you create a new life style before the old one tries to come back. You'll put your recovery into action by living, working, having fun and staying sober within a safe sober network. According to all the research, sustainable recovery doesn't happen overnight. We recommend that you follow the science backed recommendation of 6 months to increase your chances to 50% or one year year to increase the odds to 95%.


Connecticut Coast

A Note To Families

Addiction affects the family. The family has been lied to and stolen from. If not real money or valuable things, then it was trust that was abused and time that was wasted. A new language based on crisis rather than integrity sprung up. Unspoken rules become more and more normal. For clearing away this baggage from the past, we ask that families obtain therapy as families so they may heal and be prepared for recovery.

To Families

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