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Call 203-339-1191 for more information

Thank you for thinking of us. We look forward to working with you and earning your trust.

Thank you for considering Right Path House as a resource for your client or loved one entering the continuing care phase. We deeply appreciate your work and will work hard to earn your trust as we become a valuable resource in sober living. 

Who we accept

We accept men who have completed a 30, 60, 90 or 120 day program and are ready to take action. They may have occasion doubts about their addiction and whether they want to pursue recovery. Some have multiple history of treatment and are open to 12-step programs. They are willing to continue therapy and after finishing their IOP, are willing to work or go to school full/part-time. 


We can complete an intake over the phone at 203-339-1191 and start setting up their clinical plan prior to their arrival. We follow the recommendations of their rehab's continuing care team and connect clients to professional services with whom we have excellent working relationships. 

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Why Right Path Sober Living?

We're suitable for those who are almost ready or fully ready to gain the depth of recovery that is beyond the intellectual no matter their age or their accomplishments in life. Surrounded by a community of like-minded people, we believe recovery is fully living and loving your life. Our hope is that your client's life becomes full of laughter, compassion, meaning, responsibilities, challenges and that they are able to begin living a fully present life. 

what makes us different

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Rob, Jake, Wayne and Lisa are here to work with you every step of the way. Here's a list of what we do differently when comparing us to other sober living houses.

  1. We insist that clients participate in therapy throughout their stay with us. We have a dedicated computer and space for telehealth or nearby highly qualified therapists/IOP/trauma specialists/neurofeedback. 

  2. We provide strong initial case management, but strive to teach self-care with weekly check-ins.

  3. We believe that work builds self-esteem. Work is abundant is our area. 

  4. Our gentle structure is conducive to creating community. The structure of the house's program of workshops, weekend fun and shared meals lends itself to an almost immediate sense of purpose and belonging.

  5. We're available by phone for consult.

  6. We love equine ground work. It teaches more than horsemanship.

  7. We, as recovery coaches, are careful as leaders of our community to consciously emulate sober behaviors. We demonstrate patience by understanding ambivalence in the client.

  8. Ride packages are available. Sober escort from the airport or to the weekly grocery store is available.

  9. If your client is without a car, our area begs for biking. We have bikes available. There are Ubers from our door and public transportation one mile away. 

  10. We have a dog and cat and only allow your pets for day visits.

  11. In-house we offer 8-10 hours per week of 12 step/refuge workshops and two house meetings. We require another 5 hours of "outside" community 12-step meetings. ZOOM meetings are acceptable on a case-by-case basis.

  12. We coach families and guide them to obtain a family therapist before the client transitions into their home. We describe a healthy family milieu and help establish it prior to the move back. 

  13. We include a gym or yoga studio membership.

  14. We have weekly "report card" review for a recovery routine. 

  15. We understand the slight fragility in your client's smile when they step out of the car to say hello for the first time. We want you to know right now that we are dedicated and excited to support them. We understand how to hold clients with PTSD accountable with gentleness. We understand the quality of their recovery is ultimately their decision. And we never forget that most days, they just need to have a friend to listen to them.

I am an owner-operator so when you call, you'll get me, Lisa Ferguson. Please call my cell 203-339-1191 or my office 860-552-4847 with any admission questions. 

Why we are different
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