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Let's Get Physical

There are studies about the question, 'can I think my way into recovery and a new frame of mind, or do I get a new frame of mind because I do something different? Which comes first? Do I physically start to take care of myself by exercising and wait for my mind to follow? Then my mind follows my body.

The studies showed that you cannot think your way into recovery, you need to physically do something that says, "I matter to me." Perhaps that's why rehabs start their clients off on the right foot by providing a gym or yoga program. Those in recovery also need to blow off steam.

a send great reason to "get physical."

We go to the beach or hike in the woods. Because of tics, we stick to the roads that carve through our state parks. We bike along the trails of Hammonaset. We also back our books and stop for a literature based workshop in nature.

The gym is also available where residents take up ick boxing. It has a very positive impact and allows our residents to get "into" their bodies and feel empowered.

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