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12-Step and Therapy-The One, Two Support for Your Early Recovery

LANGUAGE and RELATIONSHIPS Recovery is about relationships - with yourself, your family, your friends and your higher power. Learning to live again in positive, affirming relationships that addiction halted or slowed is like learning the appropriate language that communicates real desires and dreams. The healthy language of love, integrity, friendship and self-awareness is effected by addiction. Often so severely affected, that we need to re-enter friendships and other relationships little by little. Addiction is a chronic disease and should be treated knowing that there are no shortcuts, but with proven strategies, 12-step, CBT, IOP, EMDR and DBT, we recover and thrive.

That's why we choose to open Right Path as a sober living with the extra support that hand-picked, specially qualified therapists can provide. If I look at the past three years, those who passed through my doors and engaged in therapy and 12-step are still growing in their recovery.

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