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Why Sober Housing?

Welcome. I started Right Path Sober Living House because I want to give back. I am a daughter who suffered due to her parent's addiction, a person in recovery herself and the mother of three adult children in recovery. I'm not ashamed to say that I am in a family with generations of addiction. There's nothing like mental illness to devastate a family and there's nothing among mental illnesses that can compare to addiction. The difference between addiction and everything else is that addiction also hurts those around you. With moments of clarity, guilt and shame are added to the sadness and despair. It is in a class by itself. The addiction put me into bankruptcy and socially made me an outcast. I know because I've been there as daughter, self and mother. I come from three generations of addiction. I believe it has to be stopped and can be stopped.

All three of my children are in recovery and I understand the struggle to point them in the direction of freedom. The sad part is that only one of them attended a sober living program that worked. He stayed 16 months and emerged a gentleman. He continues to work toward what he wants in life successfully.

My two remaining children had different and more difficult paths toward growth. I'll tell you their stories only to show you the reasons behind the True design;, one lived in a regular sober house. It took many years of consequences for her to fully sober up. She was miserably and unsteadily sober until she began therapy. Now, she's a different person who loves the sober life. The third organically and very slowly earned consequences that finally convinced him that being sober might be the way to go. It took years of patience to painfully watch him struggle.

As a family member and a survivor of addiction, let's take the time now to fully surrender our preconceptions about addiction and understand just how baffling and cunning it really is and that it takes a life-time to recover from it. You can start now, right here and become True to yourself. You were never intended to be miserable and lonely.

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