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Following Your Dream

Purpose. Everyone needs a purpose in life and it needs to be of their chosing. At Right Path, we guide women to find their own path to purpose and within that purpose to find an inner glow and peace.

Whether that purpose is found in work as a homemaker or as a business person, we can introduce the deep inner peace that having a purpose brings- one little bit at a time. By doing our jobs at the house to the best of our abilities. we are living up to our potential at that moment and that, after all, is what we really have to work with. By accepting that we are perfect in our imperfection and that as we make mistakes, we are actually not going backwards, we are growing. Hope is here.

When a resident is ready to obtain a part-time job, we can help her with her resume and the interview process. More importantly, we can offer one-to-one life coaching for the resident. Through coaching she begins to drop the unnecessary walls, understand and take hold of her dreams.

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