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Community that Heals Hearts from Addiction

If addiction is a disease of loneliness; then sisterhood is the antidote. and there is real hope in our sisterhood.

Combine our small, family-like group setting with our collaborating private

outpatient program, and you will find that each woman finds the welcome mat in every facet of her stay at Right Path House to discover, develop and practice her interpersonal strengths in recovery.

Residents learn that as people in recovery, we need each other to listen and to talk to. Our peer specialists are trained to support that simple act of being truly present for each other. We find inside something very special-love, compassion and healing from the loneliness of addiction.

Our house activities are designed to promote our sisterhood. From group therapy, to therapeutic kitchen activities (team cooking) to the in-house guided discovery workshops around the firepit, we invite women to become the person they were always meant to be and develop lifelong friendships. Each of our houses are purposefully limited to six women so that no one gets lost or overwhelmed by the sheer number of people.

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