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Walking with a Horse

Bonding with a horse is a step toward knowing yourself.

Grounded and In-the-Moment

Trusting and building trusting relationships unveils the soul in such a big way thst it may take a little equine help.

For some facing their fears of rejection we can take an opportunity to ground work a horse and observe how a client interacts with him. This groundwork can reveal inner blocks and emotions that cannot or will not surface any other way. The simple interaction of a horse and client can result in bringing out many emotions, including low-self-esteem, and anger. A participant's therapist can help with the processing of these emotions.

Since a horse is an impartial but reactive witness to our forays into his world to train him, his reaction to the participant's efforts to train him can also be important. What goes on inside a human being is interesting to the horse and because of it, he will join with us in training activities with great sincerity. Often for the participant, the horses' response during the interaction is an undeniable consequence of a negative behavior or thought pattern that cannot be rationalized away and offers an opportunity for the participant to face the impact he or she may have had on another living creature.

At the very least, a horse can open the door to a new way of relating. We see how people change in the presense of a horse. Facades and anger fall into the background. When ground working a horse, clients often find out new things about themselves.

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