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 sober living support with
four-legs and full hearts

Sober living is better with therapy animals

By caring for house dog, Cole and our house cat, Pokie, residents understand what it means to take care of a living being. It's a positive effect on both physical and mental well-being. Residents seem to open up the healing process.

Our program includes horses at Westbrook Hunt Club and other animals at the nearby farm rescues. The research states that horses are “perfect mirrors, since they are very emotional beings” which allows those participating in equine therapy to experience human-like interactions with someone that doesn't shame or guilt. Imagine having reactions to events that are not intertwined with an ego; good, bad or apathetic, they simply mirror your feelings. Sometimes, that's how change begins, one little change at a time.  

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Equine experience is like no other type of self-discovery.  

Cats and dogs loving it up_We all should



Residents often arrive with an unrealistic sense of self. Feelings about themselves and others are often extreme and unregulated. For some, it is easier in the beginning to relate to Pokey.

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